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KRVS Corp. is a cutting-edge ​TECHNOLOGY and CONSULTING firm.

a Veteran-Minority-Owned

Small Business.

Technology network.


The essence of our company is deeply rooted in a legacy of ​service. Our foundation is forged by individuals dedicated to ​safeguarding and supporting the mission, whether for our ​nation or localities. At KRVS Corp., we uphold this noble ​tradition, committed to delivering exceptional service and ​exceeding expectations consistently.

this company is Steamed from Retired Master Sergeant eric ​krievs of the United States Marine Corps (USMC). whom was ​service connected with lou gehrig’s disease (als) and shortly ​passed after retirement. this business, this idea, this ​innovation, is built on his idea, his legacy, and in his honor.


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Our technology services specialize in ​the development of robust data lakes ​aimed at dismantling data silos and ​optimizing data management. With a ​primary focus on OSI levels 2-7, we ​specialize in addressing challenges ​at the data link layer, network layer, ​and transport layers. Our mission is ​to empower organizations with ​seamless data integration and ​interoperability through the creation ​of innovative application ​programming interfaces (APIs).

Big Data, Data, Technology, Cryptocurrency

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White and Black Sea Waves


we manage every aspect of ​procurement – from start to finish. ​Our mission is to ensure your ​business is equipped for success by ​improving efficiency, financial ​services, and implementing ​information technology through ​strategic planning. What sets us ​apart is our collaboration with top-​tier professionals, as we believe that ​working in unity produces the most ​favorable outcome.

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Technology network.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to transmute the very essence of ​collaboration, bridging the gap between patrons and ​customers, uplifting small enterprises, and empowering the ​government, just as we have done for our cities, ​communities, and nation.

foundation of service

ceo adam krievs, medically retired California Highway ​Patrol Officer (CHP)

CFO david krievs, Veteran of the USMC and kern county ​Firefighter

brother a Major in the Air Force and

sister that is a Staff Sergeant in the Army.

thermal technology ​mobile generators

commercial ​furniture

manufactors of ​the future

global ptc patent for radial ​vent heat pipes. non-grid ​reliant mobile generators.

Get a motor to run cooler and ​it’ll generate more power. ​Cooling increases efficiency. ​More power with no increase ​in size is more energy ​efficient.

For over 30 years, Westfall ​Commercial Furniture (WCF) has been ​recognized as one of the leading ​contract furniture dealers in the ​United States. An Allsteel preferred ​dealer.

We are craftspeople, we build ​things that otherwise have ​never existed. Each day we ​embrace the excitement of what ​you might bring us to BUILD on ​your behalf.


At KRVS corp.

we simply collaborate our ​efforts to increase your ​entities velocity.

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Science network pattern, connecting lines and dots. Big Data Visualization Background.
Science network pattern, connecting lines and dots. Big Data Visualization Background.


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